I feel lucky to have been raised in Santa Barbara, California and my surroundings definitely influence my designs and feed my creative soul.  I have made jewelry for over 30 years but I first started using sea glass when I was making sea glass ornaments for Christmas gifts and people would put them on leather and wear them. That was the beginning of my sea glass jewelry making adventure and my pieces have continued to grow. I get up early in the morning to check the surf I am at the beach at first light most days so if there isn't surf or I'm waiting for the tide to change I search for sea glass and any treasures. Most of my pieces are left in their natural state because I think they are beautiful that way;  you will find that most of my pieces are wrapped and not drilled making them unique and one of a kind.  I also enjoy doing custom pieces so feel free to ask me if you have something in mind.

Thank you for shopping and enjoying my jewelry and home decor,

Kay Matthews